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Official HAJLO.COM English Rules

§1. Beginning:

Hajlo my board, you are as health.
How much do you appreciate learns only who got ban.

Actually, those two sentences could we end the introduction, because it perfectly described the HAJLO.

But can we start again:
Hajlo.com is many subject board, created for discussion among Web users. But hajlo is not only a board. It is a community built by the users. It is up to you what it is hajlo. The thing that distinguishes us is a highly demanding crossbar, we also raise with each goal achieved. We do not have to be the largest board, but set the standard in which the most important will be the quality and quantity until later.

To do so, it was necessary to create rules known as rules.

§2 Basic concepts:
* Rules - This document in the current version, which is the rules of electronic services within the meaning of the Act of 18 July 2002 on electronic services.
* User - a person using the board, regardless of the fact of registration on the board. Board user may be an adult with full legal capacity, and the minor only with the consent of legal representative.
* Moderator - the person responsible for maintaining order on the board. Moderator makes sure that everything was in accordance with the rules.
* Profile - your own configuration data and user board. The profile of each user can enter data on the person and make your own board settings.
* Avatar - a picture displayed near post. Any registered user can select it from the gallery, upload from computer or paste URL to image from other server.
* Signature - the text that appears under every post that each user can define in your profile.
* Rank - indicating the degree of permission given by the board administrator.
* PM - a message that you send to any user via the board.
* Subject/thread - name (subject) of the initiated discussions (thread).
* Post - every single utterance in the given thread.
* Ban - that is blocking access to the site to the user. Ban may be granted to the user or IP, for a certain period or for life. Ban is awarded for violations of rules.
* Administrator - Board boss
* Content - any type of content, graphics and multimedia posted on the forum.
* Administration - a group of moderators, super moderators and administrators.

§3 Rights and obligations of the user:
3.1 Each user has the right to freely express their views.
3.2 You have the right to create new threads, after hearing the rules to add new topics on the forum (§ 4).
3.3 All forms of verbal aggression is not due to tolerance of opinion, religion, culture, will be punished with a ban. Respect for other people creates a family atmosphere on board.
3.4 User registration is completed by setting up an account declares that:
a) read and approved the contents of the Rules without exceptions;
b) has read and accepted with no exceptions, the content of Privacy Policy.
3.5 It is prohibited to register more than one account by one user. In that case, every multi-account will be banned.
When exceeding 2 multiaccounts all user accounts will be banned.
3.6 Prohibition of advertising WEB pages on the forum, outside the department for this purpose.
3.7 On board oblige Netiquette. We value freedom of speech, but with dignity. Do not ridicule and insult other users. Any signs of rudeness and crossing moral standards will be severely punished.
3.8 It is forbidden to write:
* A'la Pokemon: "WhAT I`M SwEeTT PokeMON ?"
* With an exaggerated amount of colors (particularly bright) large and / or illegible fonts
* Spam
* Using many emoticons
* Post under post
3.9 Try to formulate ideas concisely and clearly and avoid spelling errors. Use shortcuts and alternative forms of words only when they are common.
3.10 Do not write to anyone from forum user on ICQ/email/PM, etc., if they do not want !

§4 Rights and duties of administration:
4.1 Site Administration is not responsible for:
a) the content posted by users of the board.
b) the manner and consequences of using the board registered users.
c) errors in the operation of applications that are hosted on the board.
d) loss of contents in case of hardware failure, acts of third parties, or their removal under these Regulations.
e) materials aggregated content.
f) actions board users.
g) for any failures (trying to be removed as soon as).
4.2 The Administration reserves the right to:
a) changes in these Rules for any reason.
b) removal of data or files from the User Profile it deems inappropriate or inconsistent with the Rules.
c) removing topics / posts that violated the rules without giving any reason.
d) Restrictions / ban any user, whose activities it deems harmful to the Site or other users.
e) delete the user if it does not log on to the site for over 6 months (180 days) and / or its status is 0 Posts.
f) non-removal of a user account if it finds that there is no such necessity.
g) non-removal of posts published in the forum, even if the author so wishes.
h) the reformulation (modify) posts.

§5 Final Provisions:
5.1 Acceptance board Rules signifies your agreement to:
a) receiving subscription and receive information on this site and services subordinate to the address you registered email address.
b) to receive on your e-mail advertising content.
c) the processing and use of personal data (according to the Law on Personal Data Protection of 29.08.1997)
5.2 Rules may be changed at any time, and the new version will be published on this site. This section also applies to other rules regulations.
5.3 In cases not covered by these rules, the principles of the Civil Code and Criminal Procedure.
5.4 Some points of the Rules does not apply to administrators ( §3 ).
5.5 Complaints:
a) All complaints must be submitted by e-mail reklamacje@hajlo.com
b) The administrator will consider the complaint within 30 working days from the date of its receipt.
c) Where the complaint process requires additional explanations, or data from the user, provide explanations each time extend the deadline for consideration of the complaint by a further 7 days.